[Workshop] Remote Monitoring Made Easy

Everything you need to know about collaborative working between GPs and care homes.

remote monitoring made easy

Digital health and remote monitoring systems help you spot the warning signs of potential health deterioration, shifting your focus from treatment to prevention. By remotely monitoring care home residents, GPs can triage their care home patients and know when to intervene, reducing hospital admissions and increasing health system capacity.

We want to support your digital health journey. The first step is an interactive workshop with Spirit Digital, which is suitable for 4–6 people from the same organisation or healthcare team and includes:

  • An assessment of where you are on your digital health journey
  • A review of your aims and requirements
  • Defining your stakeholders
  • Assessing your pain points and maximising your opportunities
  • Understanding the implementation model that will fit your organisation

Book your workshop to discover how GPs and care homes can work in collaboration and spot treatable deterioration in care home residents sooner. Workshop availability is limited, so please book soon.

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Remote Monitoring Made Easy

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